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The Coca-Cola Company adalah sebuah perusahaan multinasional asal Amerika Serikat dalam bidang minuman, termasuk pabrikan, pengecer dan pemasar konsentrat minuman non alkohol dan sirup, yang bermarkas di Atlanta, Georgia, Amerika Serikat. Perusahaan ini terkenal dengan produk utama Coca-Cola, yang formulanya ditemukan oleh seorang ahli farmasi John Stith Pemberton pada tahun 1886 di Columbus, Georgia. Formula dan dan merek Coca-Cola dibeli pada 1889 oleh Asa Griggs Candler (30 Desember 1851-12 Maret 1929), yang mendirikan perusahaan The Coca-Cola Company pada tahun 1892. Perusahaan ini mempekerjakan 55.000 pekerja pada tahun 2005.

Perusahaan ini menjalankan sistem waralaba untuk distribusinya sejak tahun 1889 dimana The Coca-Cola Company hanya memproduksi sirup konsentrat yang dijual ke berbagai perusahaan pembotolan di seluru dunia yang diberikan hak pemasaran dan penjualan eksklusif. Perusahaan ini telah terdaftar di bursa saham NYSE dan menjadi bagian dari indeks DJIA; S&P 500; Russell 1000 Index; dan Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index. Sejak 2015, perusahaan ini dipimpin oleh Muhtar Kent sebagai Chairman dan CEO. via Wikipedia.

Young Professional Program Trainee

Are you ready to join the next generation of leaders at Coca-Cola?

About The Program

The Young Professional program is structured initiative to enable an influx of young talent across different functions in the ASEAN and South Pacific Operating Unit (OU) of The Coca Cola Company with an endeavor to build and groom talent for future leadership roles.

What’s in it for you?

We aspire to build a collaborative and inclusive workplace that attract and empower you to Thrive. Here you’ll have the opportunity to work with a very diverse, insightful, and influential colleagues and through the development journey of 2 years, you’ll quickly become familiar with our business strategy, marketing and customers initiatives and learn from the network with our bottling partners. Your leadership skills will be more exercised and grown than ever before, and you will be a strong employee of Coca-Cola’s next generation of leaders.

  • Overview of 2 Year Training Program:
    • 24 months of structured & extensive on the job training with a mix of strategic projects and business as usual
    • Assignments across various verticals within many functions to build strong fundamentals.
    • Each stint to be a combination of shadowing, business as usual assignments to understand day to day work as well as core project to enhance learning and provide an opportunity to add value to the organization.
    • A mentor will be assigned for the career development, and a group of partners will work with candidates to accelerate their growth.
  • Learning Opportunities:
    • Business execution and impact: Influence and drive the execution of business planning and business strategies through in-depth collaboration with bottling plants, enhance market execution, tap market potential, address market uncertainties and challenges, accelerate goal achievement and win competition.
    • Customer: Through key customer development and strategic cooperation, to create an excellent customer service system, mutual benefit and win-win situation, to promote the brand and business development.
    • Leadership: Exercise influence and negotiation skills in advancing strategic cooperation with bottling plants and strengthen project management. Participate in market project planning and implementation, and develop a keenness, insight and adaptability to implement new initiatives in the market.
  • Your Development @Coca-Cola
    • Building Capabilities: Through our enterprise, functional and leadership capabilities initiatives, we will provide you with the tools you need to be future-ready.
    • Learning through the Network: Through our networked ways of working, communities of practice and knowledge management initiatives, learn from and share your learnings with others
    • Taking on New Experiences: Through technology, we will make it easier than ever to have visibility and access to new experiences.

Indicative Projects or Delivery areas

  • Understand how we grow our system Revenue (Revenue Growth Management)
  • Opportunity to Work on programs to get products to market (Route-To-Market): Program support and execution of key programs along different channels.
  • Engage with Bottlers to support strategy: Planning and executing the different engagements with the bottlers i.e. MITs, markets visits, bottler meetings, sales conferences.
  • Communicate and generate excitement for our products in the outlet: Integrator to coordinate business operations and collaborations among Franchise Unit, Bottler and OU functions
  • Coordinates some of the Commercial execution elements with bottlers.

Final Role/Placement

  • The company offers junior management positions for the most promising and high-performing management graduates. You are eligible to apply for roles across functions starting at the end of 18 months of your development journey. The roles could be across different countries in the ASEAN and South Pacific OU.


  • Experience of 2- 3 years, preferably in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry
  • Sound knowledge of the functional area currently operating in.
  • Pro-active, hungry for learning, analytical & strategic thinking, highly adaptable

Communication Focus

  • Internal: Communicate with internal stakeholders (from franchise unit, OU functions, outside of Asean & South Pacific) and key bottling partners
  • External: Communicating with customers, key advisors and other stakeholders to progress and successfully deliver on key business development initiatives

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